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>>  Thursday, June 04, 2009

I love the book "How Full is your Bucket"

It's main thread is happiness feeds happiness and it is a good feeling to be nice to people. Simple, but how often we forget it.

This quote was sent to me recently:

Unhappiness is a symptom of a healthy brain:

A lot of people worry about being unhappy or depressed. They should not worry. Happiness is a symptom of the detachment of the brain from reality. Anyone who is aware of what is going on in the world should be very unhappy. The more aware you are, the more unhappy you become. When I see a happy person, I see a person who is oblivious to the world. So the people who are unhappy should not think that there is something wrong with them. Unhappiness is a symptom of a fully functioning brain. You should be happy that you are unhappy. It is the role of the unhappy people to keep a watchful eye on the world for the benefit of the happy people who don't understand what's happening. The unhappy people are like the meerkats who stand up and keep watch so that the rest of the tribe can forage in peace.

Alan Kennington:Australian physicist, mathematician, computer software writer and sometime philosopher

I don't agree, I think we are all unhappy sometimes but it takes a strong person with a high cognitive intelligence to look around and see the fun, the good and the absolute wonder of the world.

I put him into the 'grumpy old man' bucket and will go back to Filling Buckets.


Stephanie 10:26 pm  

OH this sounds like a book I would really enjoy. Thanks for posting about it!

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