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Sometimes I wonder why on earth I do it, sometimes I need to remind myself:

"Hi, I got a letter today telling me that I'd been nominated to receive the midland region chief commissioner award. I feel so honoured and chuffed that someone thought of me. I feel so happy right now. I feel really appreciated. I'm keeping it quiet but I just wanted to let U know as you've been there to support me in guiding along the way. Love C xxx"

"I didn't realise it had been so long! All of it was good though. You have been a really good leader. thankyou. x"

"Hi Sarah,I just wanted to say a quick thank you because I really had a fantastic weekend. I've thoroughly enjoyed myself and a fab end to my time at rangers. See you monday:)"

"Hopefully I'll see you again soon. Thank you, you're amazing x"

"....but more than anything I know you'll defend me if all goes wrong"

Chief Commisioners Award in Recognition of Outstanding Service to Local Guiding

"Thank you for all of the lifts to Rangers this year and for running Rangers too"  A Ranger

"Thank you for all the help and support you have given me all year, it means a lot to me" A Ranger

"You are amazing, thank you" A Leader

"Your unending friendship has been the one thing that has helped me through the past 9 years and I love you for it too"  A Leader

"Thanks so much for your help tonight,  it is very much appreciated and great for you to meet your future Rangers and indeed see your current Rangers / YL working !!!!!!!!  Thanks again" A Leader

Doing something, even though it seemed like not enough at the time, can make such a difference to the person that received it.  Don't ever forget that.

From the County Commissioner after 'pulling an all nighter' for reasons I would rather not ever have to pull one.

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