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I had a microdiscectomy operation early Feb 2012. The operation was routine with no complications.

The detail of my back problem leading up to my operation is in the post Post Op week 1.  But a brief synopsis is it started in  June 2011 with very stiff and sore back after a Guide Camp. August 2011 is probably about the time I herniated at L5/S1 and when the sciatica started.  I had a root block under x-ray, a re-herniation, an epidural and by late December 2011 I was in the worst pain I have ever experienced.

I have tried to write up my experience to help others.  If I was to give anyone about to take the same journey a single piece of advice it would be: don't believe the superman 'I healed in a week' stories, this takes time and rest, don't push your body, let it heal.  Good luck.

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post op week 1
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Post Op week 8 Reherniation?
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Week 18 Another Relapse
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6 Months
9 Months in pain again
A Year On
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A Complete Recovery (?)
Exercising core muscles
2 Years on
patellofemoral pain (visiting the Physio)
2½ Years on (running again)
4 Years on 
Under Water Treadmill
6 years on

Other links I found useful and supportive:

Emergency Sore Back Exercises

I like the life style changes suggested for movement in this article but beware many of the stretches he mentions are NOT suitable for people with disk herniation or post microdiscectomy.

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Pop and Go Knickers - easy to put on pants for back sufferers


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