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>>  Sunday, June 07, 2009

Holland & Barratt had a sale on recently and for a laugh I bought a Viapro pack - not that he needs it you understand, it's just it was cheap!

Now hubby's Saturday morning usually involve loafing around in dressing gown and reading about football (Australian Rules) until the games start. At that point he watches a diagrammatic representation of the game on the computer until the write ups come online - you get the picture - Saturday is football.

So tablet time; within 10 minutes of taking it he had left the football and gone into the shower. Yep : it moved him away from the football!!!

I have to say that if I can move him away from the football, then normally all is fantastic upstairs (if you know what I am saying!!) but that initial distraction is sometimes rather difficult.

So I have found something that reverses the Saturday morning priorities. I was wondering if there is a similar pill that could make him feel the same about ironing, cleaning, gardening............ahhh dream on


Stephanie 3:56 am  

If you could find that pill you would be a millionaire!!

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