Angel in Blue - Girlguiding reading for a funeral

>>  Wednesday, August 10, 2022


Having left mortal earth, I passed through Heaven's Gate
And while anxiously awaiting the outcome of my fate
I walked among the Angels all robed in purest white
Whereupon I saw one figure which cast a blue-ish light.

She sat upon a misty cloud, a harp held to her breast
In a flowing, blowing gown of blue unlike all the rest;
I asked what great deed she'd done to earn the special hue
That gave her colour where others had none, or maybe just a few

She said "On earth I sought no fame, fortune was not my goal,
I shunned the power of politics and worked without a toll;

I spent my time with children, helping them to grow

For as you reap in life, so must you learn to sow."

"You see...", she said, "the dividends while growing up I'd share,
I returned where many others were too self-involved to care.
Girl Guiding was my choice of roads to follow in my quest

For among the girls I found a love deeper than the rest."

"A teacher was I, my work was hard, I had no diploma or pay

But where family and institutions failed, I help show them the way.
The lessons I taught were obscure and difficult to see

For they didn't have names like 'spelling', 'maths' or 'geometry'."

"They were lessons in life delivered through guided experience

And they taught such things as character, spirit, and confidence.
Though on earth my life was blessed, it's even more so today

For when I look down I see my work,  as my girls show others the way."

"On earth Girl Guiding taught me to leave things better than before
And the same applies to that mortal place where life never was a bore.
Now having lived by that Girl Guiding rule in every earthly endeavour

I have become an Angel in Blue and shall be a Girl Guide forever."


Thinking Day Night Notes

>>  Saturday, March 05, 2022

 The notes I used for Thinking Day Guides night taken from various resources:


To enable girls and young women to develop their fullest potential as responsible citizens of the world

Our Vision is…
 All girls and young women are valued and take action to change the world

WAGGGS keeps the global Movement thriving, united and growing. We have Member Organisations in 152 countries worldwide. Between them, they have a combined membership of 10.2 million.

Thinking Day Pennies

There are a million of us. I am not good at arithmetic and I will not make any calculations which may not come true. But a penny, or two cents, or four annas or enough centimes or groschen or Heller or Filler or ore to make the same value, is not an immense amount, especially when it is perhaps saved or earned and given with a willing hand.

Lady Olave Baden-Powell, 1 November 1932

The Chief Guide

Guiding was set up by Robert and his sister Agnes. In 1915 Olave began by organising Guiding in Sussex and her success there led to her becoming Chief Guide in 1918. She led the Guides for the next 40 years.

Amanda Medler is the current Chief Guide

What The Guiding World Badge Represents

Every part of the World Badge has a meaning:

The golden Trefoil on a bright blue background represents the sun shining over all the children of the world.

The three leaves represent our three-fold Promise as originally laid down by the Founder.

The base of the stalk represents the flame of the love of humanity.

The vein pointing upwards through the centre of the Trefoil represents the compass needle pointing the way.

The two stars represent the Promise and Law.

Around the edge is the encircling ring of friendship symbolising the World Association - an open ring because the Association is still growing

Anyone who has made their Girl Guide or Girl Scout Promise can wear the World Trefoil Badge. It can be worn both in and out of uniform

The World Badge, a WAGGGS symbol, was first adopted at the 11th World Conference in Evian, France, in 1946. It's design changed in 1991. Whilst the badge looked different the symbolism stayed the same.


Clean pennies in brown sauce, form them into a large trefoil on the hall floor

Light 3 candles in the centre of the trefoil and say our promise.

I promise that I will do my best:

To be true to myself and develop my beliefs,

To serve the Queen and my community, To help other people

and To keep the Guide Law.

And then read out the guide laws:

1. A Guide is honest, reliable and can be trusted.
2. A Guide is helpful and uses her time and abilities wisely.
3. A Guide faces challenge and learns from her experiences.
4. A Guide is a good friend and a sister to all Guides.
5. A Guide is polite and considerate.
6. A Guide respects all living things and takes care of the world around her.

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