Retro Revival (Express Myself Innovate Stage 5)

>>  Friday, April 12, 2019

So we went for Retro Revival in the spirit of the aim rather than word for word off the card. We picking the 60s as the era to 'reinvent'

We ate the classic 'party food' home baked cheese straws!

We played 60s music.

And went for tie-dye up cycling - totally hippy man.

Because easy tie dye generates fumes our usual meeting place cannot be ventilated well enough for, I decided to have the meeting at my house where I can open windows and doors a plenty.
They each brought an old white t-shirt and turned them into tote bags.
And then 'tie-dye' effect patterned them
It is easy done with permanent markers and surgical spirit
It can create lovely patterns
and at the end they all shouted - plate bags!
There was an impromptu conversation as parents came to pick them up about the 60s, 70s and general despair at parental fashion currently.  This was also in keeping with the last part of the card so I felt that the activity and the way the night naturally panned out suited the aim well.


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