Easy tie dye with sharpies

>>  Sunday, February 01, 2015

 You can get some lovely patterns onto material using sharpie pens and surgical spirit

(I have read this described as rubbing alcohol but it's sold cheaply in chemists as surgical spirit in the UK - 70 percent isopropyl)

We used t-shirts that were post Oracle UKOUG conference stock kindly donated to us by e-DBA (Redstack)

Put a disposable cup between the layers with the open end where you plan to decorate.
 And secure it with an elastic band.
Decorate the area marked out by the cup with sharpie pens (permanent markers)

And drop some surgical spirit onto it. You don't need much.

We used the squirters from liquid suspension paracetamol bottles, you could use small pump sprays, droppers or pipets.

WARNING: KEEP THE ROOM VERY WELL VENTILATED, the smell from the pens and the evaporating surgical spirit make a heady mix and you need to have circulating fresh air.
 You can make some lovely patterns.  It just depends on the lines you draw, the amount of liquid you use and the angle you squirt it at.
 you can mix colours or overlap them

it's great fun experimenting.
 When finished let the material dry naturally. Then put it in a tumble dryer on highest heat for 15 mins or use a very hot iron for 5 minutes.  It needs the heat to set it.

If you wash it, use a cold setting and don't put it in with your best pants in case the pens still runs.

I found we used less pen and more surgical spirit than I thought we would.

2 bottles was not quite enough for 10 girls/t-shirts


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