>>  Saturday, April 06, 2019

 It was a wet start to a day forecast rain with a massive storm coming in.

Starting somewhere between Calver and Stoney Middleton in the Peak District.
 We went through Eyam (the plague village)

From the Eyam Museum website: "In 1665 a tailor from Eyam ordered a box of materials relating to his trade from London, that he was to make into clothes for the villagers. He unwittingly triggering a chain of events that led to 260 Eyam villagers dying from bubonic plague – more than double the mortality rate suffered by the citizens of London in the Great Plague.
Between the first death and the last, the villagers set an extraordinary and enduring example of self-sacrifice by sealing off the village from the surrounding areas to prevent the disease spreading."
 It'd be worth spending a bit of time here
 As these few signs
 were on a short straight in and out.

I also recommend reading "the year of wonders" if this story interests you.

 Anyway, onwards
 This farmer really didn't want us to get lost and I really appreciate this sort of effort!
 Onto Foolow
 And out.  We struggled to get up to this road as path after path had been closed.  As had this road but we walked through anyway but it soon became clear the entire hill was subsiding and I was glad to be off it to be honest.
 Onto Abney moor
 There are a lot of paths around here, you really need to know where you are and where you want to be. 
 And across the heather which will be lovely once it really comes out.
 That storm was on it's way in.
 It got wetter and every time I got the camera out I fell behind the group.
 But I had to stop for this.  I don't remember it being like this when we walked across here in November.  But clearly a fire had swept through and it wasn't small, it went a long way.
 I'm starting to recognise these paths from previous walks and it's a nice feeling of not being quite such a newbie.
 But we were moving fast to beat the storm so I really couldn't afford to keep stopping to take photos.
 After Offerton we put an extra loop in and headed toward Thornhill 
before doubling back along the water to Leadmill and finally Hathersage.

We made it to the bus with only 15 minutes to spare and actually walked further than the 'long walk group' had this month!

15 miles and about 2000 feet in persistent precipitation.

I was pooped and actually fell asleep on the journey home.  But still found enough energy to go for an indian with the sub section of the walkers.  Felt I'd earned it!


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