Easy Tie Dye Tote Bags

>>  Friday, May 27, 2016

A while back we did easy tie dying using permanent markers and surgical spirit on t-shirts.

I still had enough t-shirts left from the donation we had from  Redstack to do it again, but this time we turned them into bags.  With a Mix of the tie dying and upcycling we once did. 

We started with the tie dye.  Cups under one layer of the material, put an elastic band around it and draw a pattern.  Drip a little surgical spirit on it and the effect forms. (Make sure the room is very well ventilated, the fumes can get quite heady after a while.)

You can make some lovely patterns

Cut off the neck


And the arms

Turn it inside out. then cut finger slits at the bottom.

Double knot the finger slits together then cross tie them to the one next to it.

Basically you are just making sure there are no holes by cross tying.

Turn it the right way round and you have a bag.

One Ranger knotted on the right side and left it with tassels.  That looked very good.

You can semi-seal the pen by letting the material dry naturally, then put it in a tumble dryer on highest heat for 15 mins or use a very hot iron for 5 minutes. It needs the heat to set it.

If you wash it, use a cold setting and don't put it in with your best pants in case the pens still runs.


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