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Starting somewhere near Watlington, I opted for a middle distance walk this month even though it was going to be fairly flat (for a hill walk.)
 The red kites were there from the outset and the sky was rarely without them for the whole walk.  The last time we were down this way, on the Ridgeway, there were a lot about.
 Unfortunately I tripped up within the first 1/2 mile.  It hurt more than I admitted to the group but picked myself up and carried on.
 On we plodded (note the kite top left)
 We walked through a lot of wood, we were on the Oxfordshire Way.  It starts at Bourton on the Water in the Cotswolds and is generally broken down into 6 sections of walking, we were on the last 11 miles stretch: Watlington, Christmas Common, Pishill, Maidensgrove, Bix Bottom, Middle Assendon, Henley-on-Thames.
 It was beautiful.  There were a fair number of local walkers about.  Mostly in tweed or coloured chinos, and dogs that were probably called 'Jarspar'.
 We did go through some open fields
 The Pishill Church made a nice stop for lunch (being as the local pub did not welcome walkers).  The Church had a kettle, tea and milk in the porch for walkers to use and home made flapjacks to be bought for 50p.    The Church got our vote (and money!)
 It was an interesting shape inside, a cross.

So the people sat in this part would not see the altar at all.

It was very well kept.  So I assume local donations were healthy.

 This was interesting, so many men for such a small place.
 On we went after lunch with an immediate uphill to some views.
 And then back into woodland.
 There were big houses every so often backing up to these beautiful places.
You could feel autumn starting to stretch its fingers across the land.

 We came across another medieval church
 In ruins.
 But still lovely.
 Onward with kites still around and this time they came in so close you could almost touch them.

 And into the land of the gated driveway,
 The money around here hangs heavy in the air.
 But the woods have seen it all across many years.
 And finally down into Henley.

 Where there appears to be more whitestuff, boden and joules clothing per capita than I knew was possible.
 And with my arm growing before my eyes we headed for home.
A lovely day walking despite the injuries sustained!


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