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>>  Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Walsingham is a fairly untouched part of world in Norfolk.

Whilst a lot of the buildings are 18th Century, it feels medieval generally.

 And it is of course home of the Shrines (Anglican and Catholic)

The Anglican Shrine only dates from 1931 but it was designed well to look timeless.

 The grounds are full of interesting parts.
 With many different sets of stations there.  The main ones have recently been restored.
 There are lots of nooks, crannies and tombs! I find something I hadn't noticed before each time I go.

Although this Station  of the cross would be hard to miss!
 The grounds are beautiful to wander around,

 Day and night.
 The pilgrim's accommodation edges the grounds
 This was tucked away on a wall of a tiny chapel near the sacristy, I'd not seen it before.

And I spotted this in a tree when I was looking at a bird.

The link between the Anglican Shrine and the Catholic Shrine is a Holy Mile.

 Which is a lovely walk, I did it at dawn one morning alone.

The Roman Catholic Shrine is an eclectic  mix of old

 and new.

Walsingham village also has the beautiful St Mary's which was lovingly restored after a fire. Our lady of the Annunciation which is built with energy conversation in mind and is a glorious mix of modern and traditional.  The Russian Orthodox Chapel of St Seraphim is open and interesting.  There is a Methodist chapel...I'm sure there are more I'm missing.

It's fair to say there is a lot of Christianity happening here and people come from all over, I bumped into this whilst out on quiet walk.

If you have never visited the England's Nazareth in Norfolk, I totally recommend you do. Even if it's just for a few hours as a part of a holiday in that area. It is fine to just go and have a walk around, you don't have to wear a label describing your personal belief system - it is ok to go on pilgrimage and it is ok to go as a tourist.  Don't be afraid to just go and have a walk around inside the shrines churches and chapels.  It's an untouched part of England and a living history. Go have a look at the Anglican Shrine in the village and the Catholic Shrine a mile outside. Both are worth a look at.


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