The Chilterns Ridgeway

>>  Monday, May 07, 2018

 The weather promised wet and it was already mizzley as we got going for my 3rd hill walking club day out.

I was a little worried as it was my first outing with them in my new boots and blisters in a group of experienced people like this would have been an embarrassment I didn't want to face.

So I went with the prestrap and double socks to try to stall the inevitable rubbing.
 And off we set, I went in the short walk group again so a mere 10 miles.
 The first of the hills appeared through the mist. Our walk actually went around it mostly but a few of us went to the top to see what we could see.
 Which was pretty much nothing!
 So we carried on.

 Only to be halted at a stile by section 128 of the serious organised crime and police act 2005.  Now excuse my simple mindedness but if I'd been the police putting up this sign, I'd have probably taken out the stile at the same time.  Leaving it there sort of says to me "but come and have a go if you think you're hard enough"
 Anyway, we stood and watched the red kites flying (there were lots of them around for the whole walk) whilst the walker leaders worked out how to get around the blocked path problem.  Again, if I were the police I'd have stuck a big arrow up saying "go thataway" but hey-ho
 We worked our way around the chequers estate.
I felt it appropriate to treat our glorious leader the way she treats us and took a pee in her backyard - her government have been quite happy to shit all over mine!
Someone had taken the time to ensure the trees were warm in a way they don't ensure our homeless are.
 And had even left an 'Ode to May" attached to it.

I decided, given that a lot of the walking club seem fairly well heeled of the blue rosette type, to keep my "I hope the whole cabinet drowns in a barrel of malmsey" thoughts to myself.

 Some of the ways had a real ancient feel to them, this area is clearly touched by money and untouched by Gladmans.  It's amazing how they never seem to put large estates of housing developments and large estates of the inherited wealthy side by's probably just a coincidence (!)
We walked along the ridgeway for miles (about 11 with the Chequers reroute)

There were no views, just mizzle so I'm looking forward to coming back here in a different season, I suspect they are lovely on a clear day.

We crossed a railway line of the fast variety.

And saw and heard one of the slow variety.
And waded through gloopy mud for the final mile.

It was a good walk, I like this club, they are really nice people, good company and pleasant walking.

Roll on summer!


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