>>  Monday, December 03, 2018

 The November walking club outing was an 11 miler to Hartingdon.
We were around this area before when we walked to Flash so I knew Chrome and Parkhouse Hills were a likely part of the walk.  That was a hot clear day when you could see forever.
 Today was not one of those!

We went over (not literally) Leap Edge without seeing more than 20 metres in front.
 The new waterproof trousers and gaiters were out from the start and even the backpack cover had its first outing.

But slowly the mist cleared and autumn started to show its face.
Parkhouse loomed large but we went around it rather than over it.  I was pleased, it was a bit of a scramble coming down it in the summer, I didn't fancy the thought of the wet stones today.
We saw other members of our coach party coming over Chrome.
 We went up Hitter hill instead. Which is high but easy.
 We circled past Pilsbury castle.
 And continued into the mist.
 Through many farms and past many mineshafts.

To Hartington, a nice town with nice carrot cake!

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