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>>  Monday, September 10, 2018

For a few days in the summer we found ourselves in Bristol with travelling friends.  I've never been before.  It's an  'earthy' place to say the least.  I have never seen so many crack heads and day time drunken spats in one place in such a short amount of time.  Maybe it was the unusually hot weather had brought them all out  but regardless, I rather liked the place.

We walked across the Bear Pit (crack head haven) to see the original Banksy.
We sat in numerous decent pubs and eateries, talking and playing games.  This one will come out again at new year. 

I would just like to remind any readers that may have actually been there 'the girls won' !!!
We visited SS Great Britain - which is an absolutely brilliant day out and I plan to go back to spend more time there as there was too much to see and do in the time we had.  We caught a small ferry there and back which was great fun.

The general feel of a lot of the city can be summed up in this one picture.  During World War II this water supply (St John's conduit) was the only source of fresh water in Bristol's city centre.

It is right near a medieval gateway to the city, we would have stopped at the archway but observed drunken brawl number 5 of the day was just kicking off!
Like most cities, the interesting architecture is upwards and often hidden in alleys.

But a lot of time was spend shopping (a city with the friendliest shop assistants I've ever met ), looking for Grommit, chilling and generally just being very happy to be in the company of people I wished we lived a lot closer to.

I'm going back to redo SS Great Britain and have also promised Cog a shopping trip there too. (It's as good as Birmingham without the  intense crowds)

So I may have been influenced by the good company but despite the dirt, drugs and drunks, I have decided Bristol is gert lush.


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