Gromit Unleashed 2

>>  Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Having got myself hooked on trails with Shaun in the City, and having the good fortune to bump into the Snow Dog in Brighton, we found ourselves in Bristol during the Gromit Unleashed 2 trail.

This was a happy coincidence to other plans so we took in sculptures as we came across them on our travels rather than going full out to do the trail, but we still found a respectable 13.

 I didn't take photos at them all.
 Many were inside shopping centres or shops.
 Some looked great from one angle...
 And then looking again appeared to be in a rather dubious position!
 Wallace is on this Grand tour as well as Gromit.

 In many guises.

And Feathers McGraw, the master of disguise is also there.  This one, deep inside a hotel, was a challenge to find but we did take time out to go look for him because we were so perplexed that the GPS said we were there but could not see him in the street.  We saw one go past us on the Ferry (we were in a different ferry!) So we saw it but did not get its number to log it.

The trail being on rather endeared me to Bristol, which is a rather 'earthy' town to say the least.  It made for a little extra fun to be had.

If you are going to Bristol, download the app before you go, it costs £1.99 but the money goes to Charity.  It is worth getting.

Have a look at the trophies you can collect before you go, there are a few you will collect if you have a read first on what they are.

Beware the app will drain your phone battery, it is a GPS app and will kill your battery as fast as any other maps app.

You can pick up the official trail paper map at a number of places and you can also download it as a pdf.  See the official website for details.

I always find following the apps for these trails easier than the map though, the arrow tells you the direction you are walking in and keeps you on the straight and narrow!

The trail is on until the 2nd September 2018.


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