Brighton Rocks

>>  Thursday, October 06, 2016

This pathway gives Cog a sense of well being, so I took her back to Brighton to walk it again.

We spotted a Police Snowdog at the pier which we thought was cute
And then we realised, like the Sean Sheep trail, they were every where and

I started getting a bit competitive about finding them, much to Cog's annoyance.

She posed around on the beach for a while
And we went on the i360

Which is basically paying for the privilege to stand in a glass lift with a lot of strangers!
But the views were good.

I opted to throw my new iphone 7 across the glass, skimming the head of a toddler and into a grating as the main means of entertainment on the descend...slippery suckers!  I was surprised at the dirty looks of the parents. Trust me, if I was intending to bludgeon your pride and joy to death my instrument of choice would not cost £700.
We walked onto the beach huts at Hove.  They were slightly less picturesque in setting than Hunstanton or Wells-Next-The-Sea but Cog was very happy to see them all the same (and there were at least 3 snowdogs on the way so I was also feeling fairly elated!)

After tea we walked in the opposite direction, past the Madeira lift.  Both nights we were there we saw a Soup Kitchen here, which I think was run by the local church.  Cog was fairly keen to do something to help them so hopefully she will be planning a bit of fundraising.
We played out door crazy golf on Saturday night.

Excellent course.
And basket ball on the pier, during the course of which she earned a rain forest amount of tickets to be able to trade in for  pen and playing cards.
Saturday morning we headed out of Brighton on the train.  One of the things I love about Brighton is all the Victorian ironwork everywhere and the station did not let me down....well it did if you want to talk about how to buy tickets there...but the ironwork was very good!
It rained, a lot, whilst we were indoors and the sun came out, with hoards of people, when we went out of doors.
Cog posed for a bit more on the beach

So I looked at ironwork.
Brighton appeared to be the carpark of choice for VW camper vans.
But we walked down to the marina to play indoor crazy golf with glow in the dark dinosaurs and lots of men wearing ladies clothes.

One of the great things about Brighton is that so many people are just who they want to be and no one looks twice.  I guess if you were the kind of person to look twice you probably shouldn't be in Brighton but it worries me that I often look twice because I'm trying to figure out how the bloke with big muscles and cooly scruffy blonde tressles is rocking a ladies strappy top in a manner that I couldn't pull off if I'd spent all day getting ready to go out...sigh.

Sunday, Cog posed a bit more on the beach.

We finally got our act together and put ironwork and posing into one fine moment.

We hung around the beach for a bit
The camper vans had been bullied out of their places by Land Rovers.

I wondered if there is there a BMW day?  Imagine the chaos of zero indicators in Brighton for the entire day!!!

With that image still playing on my mind we headed home, overtaking more VW Camper Vans than I ever thought possible to be on the motorway network on one day!


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