Post Sepsis - 3 months

>>  Monday, August 13, 2018

So Cog is just under 3 months out of intensive care.

She’s still exhausted, often feeling ill and regularly in pain.

There is no path post sepsis on the NHS. She goes to the GP fairly often, she’s had antibiotics for a few things like an eye stye, that was getting bigger and bigger, and an infected bite but each thing is looked at in isolation.

I’m paying through the nose for her to see a counsellor weekly to help her through the emotional trauma.

She’s been to see a private consultant about her after meal cough she has developed since being intubated.

She’s been to the GP to ask for blood tests for ‘everything’ to try to help find out why she is in so much pain so often.  She has also asked for help with disability support related to Post Sepsis Syndrome.  The GPs do not seem to have experience in anything Post Sepsis and getting help is proving impossible. 

For the most part she looks fit and well, this doesn’t help her. People see a healthy young adult and look at her in judgement when she is sitting and I am standing or when she cannot get out and do stuff.

She needs to avoid germs, her body isn’t able to deal with them yet (ever again?). So she has had to cancel plans and things she’d signed up to do and the JudgyMcJudgy world does what it does best.

She’s not yet 3 months away from death, I’m hoping that this will improve but forum signs indicate what she is experiencing could go on for many many years or *shrug* life.

Time will tell.

When you are a young adult, it’s hard to be patient with time.


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