Shaun in the City

>>  Friday, April 10, 2015

We headed down to London during the Easter holidays to do as much as we could manage without falling out with each other or our feet of  the Shaun the Sheep trail 'Shaun in the City'

There are 4 trails to follow and some additional lost sheep a bit further out.

We did the Shaun's trail around Regent Street and Piccadilly Circus first and did it well (with 2 coffee stops, a rather expensive stop in Jack Wills and a less expensive, but it's all relative, stop at Super-dry)

We then caught the tube to Southwalk for a cream tea at the Tate Modern before starting Bitzer's Trail around St Paul's.

All the trails are laid out fairly well and take you past many iconic land marks.

Although the odd one, like Nelson, appeared to need a dice with death with the traffic to reach.


Download the app before you go, it costs £1.50 but the money goes to Charity.  It is worth getting.

Have a look at the trophies you can collect before you go, I realised on the way home there were some things I could have done to collect more trophies if only I'd read it first.

Beware the app will drain your phone battery, it is a GPS app and will kill your battery as fast as any other maps app.  I took a charger with me and had a top up in Costa (both me and the phone!)

We picked up the official trail map at the information centre outside St Paul's (Bitzer's Trail) but there are a number of places you can get them, check the official website.

Following the app was much easier than the map though, the arrow tells you the direction you are walking in and keeps you on the straight and narrow.

There are a number of Shauns inside places, consider whether you really want to take your children into Hamley's or just skip straight past that one!  It took us a long time to find Woolly Wiggle, downstairs in the shopping centre we previously didn't know existed and cost me a new pair of jeans for Cog that added to the other shopping bags I was carrying around!

This was a great day out around London, a lot of walking, a lot of coffee stops but a lot of sight seeing too.  Lots of fun.

We stopped after 24 out of 50, it was going to turn into a difficult day to have tried to do more, sometimes we were close to others but Cog really did not want to go 'that bit further'. If I was alone I would have done some more and probably managed about 35. If you want to try to do all 50 in a day then start early and be prepared to walk fast and a long way!


BavarianSojourn 6:46 pm  

That sounds like a great and active day out! We have towns with little cabbage mascots here, Munich has lions or bears! :D

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