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>>  Friday, July 31, 2015

You might recall a while ago I told you I was having a difficult time with my cat.

It was in fact exactly this time last year.  I ended up having to change my home phone number because I was being harassed so much by an old lady a few streets a way and her friend.

Well it has all started up again.  She is again feeding Maisie, she is encouraging her to sleep in a basket in her house, and she is now ringing my mobile but hanging up or leaving silent 'messages'.

So this time I sent her a letter, polite but straight to the point. It reiterated that following advice from the vets and the RSPCA I have previously asked her to spray Maisie with water should she try to enter her house and not allow her into her house, that she should not feed her etc and that she should please endeavour to do this.

I also pointed out that cats are regarded as property under the Theft Act 1968 and theft of a cat is treated as an offence under the Act.  Even a cat that is lost or has strayed remains the property of the owner (especially when microchipped as ownership can be clearly proven) and it is necessary to make all reasonable endeavours to locate and return the cat to the original owner.

This has meant I have now been promoted from the 'rudest person she has ever spoken to' to being a bully.

I am again at my wits end.

HWMBO collected a sleeping Maisie from the basket in her house last weekend and we shut her in.  She is a very difficult cat to keep in and very, very clever.  She can open doors.  She is very fast.  So in the end I gave up and put her in the slammer.  She has spent 3 days in cattery and not one I particularly like, but the best ones are booked up this time of year.  Tomorrow I am moving her to a different cattery for another week.

I am hoping that 'disorientating' her a bit will break the habit of going to the old lady.  The old lady is clearly not prepared to break her habit of loving and feeding my cat until she is fed up with her and then getting angry with me because my cat is in her house.

I have put a call into the police and asked the local PSCO to get involved and see if they can 'mediate'.  But I've not heard from them yet.  I'm guessing they have real work to do!

I love Maisie dearly but life is too damn short for this.  It is too much stress.  I've started to put feelers out about rehoming her.  The old woman has broken me.  I now feel I have no option other than lose my cat.  She is a lovely, young, cuddly, fit and healthy animal.  Covered in bells she can still catch birds (I swear the birds around here must be deaf.)  She eats rats like they are going out of fashion, I know this because she always leaves the back feet for me in the middle of the kitchen floor, only the back feet ever!

Maisie visits many people in the village.

She definitely sleeps with the young man that lives next door.  His mum told us but that is fine by us, they don't mind and they don't moan at us about her being round there.  I love snugging her when she comes home smelling of wood smoke from sitting in front of their fire.  You see they put her out when they don't want her any more and they don't regularly feed her (just the odd treat of BBQ chicken I hear!).

She definitely plays in the house in the corner with the children there, I see her trotting in and out with them.  They just put her out when they don't want her any more.

The difference with the other houses is they send her home, they don't feed her, they don't shout at Cog down the phone in the evening, they don't call after midnight telling me to go pick her up, they don't ring me at work saying that my cat is in her cat food tin and she can't get her out whilst saying "ooooh Maisie stop that you naughty girl" at the same time.

I really could cry that this old woman's behaviour has affected me so much.

So I have a cat to rehome.  I'm really not looking forward to trying to explain this to the RSPCA/Cats Protection League.


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