The Moon

>>  Friday, July 31, 2015

Whilst the sunrises in Greece were particularly impressive, so was the moon  rising.

I think the bright light at 4 o'clock to the moon is Venus.  Please correct me if I'm wrong.

 I have tried many times to photograph the moon at home and I just end up with a messy blur.

This night in Greece I just pointed and clicked and it was as clear as a bell.

Even the craters are there, with just a pocket camera whilst messing around down on the beach after dinner.

The first time I saw the Milky Way was in Greece sometime in the 80s and it seemed so beautiful.

The night sky in Greece isn't anything like it was at Ayres Rock where there is no light pollution at all, but the difference between home (and we live in the countryside) and Greece is still quite amazing.

But having time to lie and stare at the night sky makes me feel very, very small and wondering about unanswerable why are we here questions.  Sometimes it's better to not think about it at all.


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