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>>  Monday, July 27, 2015

Whilst I've been on holiday I've had the opportunity to rekindle a friendship with the sun.  Not during the day, Cog's current medication means she can't be exposed to sun at all, so daytime meant seeking shade at all costs.  That cost was getting up at 5:30am each day to 'secure' sunbeds in the most constantly shady spot we could find that enabled us to be pool side(ish) and still able to lounge the day away but in shade the whole time from not only the umbrella but a triangle of 3 beautiful trees that created permanent shade.

So every day I've sat and watched the sun rise.

It appeared from behind the mountains in Turkey.

 It seemed to take ages to start to turn the sky red, but once it appeared it moved so fast, blink and you would miss it.

 Once it was full, Turkey disappeared and you could feel the heat immediately.  By 7am it had a bite to it.

Occasionally I was fool hardy enough to take an early swim.

The day we left the sunset decided to show it's best too.

And it set as fast as it rose.  By the time I had walked across the tarmac the sun was gone.

It's the 3rd year we've been to Rhodes, it's a lovely place ( in the right parts) but mostly I love the sunrise.  I'm sure nowhere else would see me happy to get up so early.


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