>>  Sunday, April 05, 2015

 Easter is a season of 50 days.

I've failed to 'do' Easter yet again this year.

But I did at least get to the watch.  Last year I woke up on Good Friday morning with the announcement "SHIT! I was supposed to be doing a shift at the Church last night"
 So in fairness, this year I have managed to improve on that!
 Admittedly, I was supposed to be spending the time more in prayer than in photography, but baby steps, baby steps in the improvement zone!

I love the Church at night, candle lit and quiet.  It doesn't get any more beautiful.

I did spend some of my time reading.....although less bible and more...well....wikipedia on the derivation of the name "Maundy" but again, it could have been worse...and I did learn something.

There really is only so much praying you can do in a whole hour alone, I think it's like school work you need to take regular brain breaks otherwise I end up on a shopping list type internal warble.  Better to have 10 minutes of total heart open, internal voice silenced and feel the prayer I think.  God already knows I would like the hungry fed and world peace, it doesn't have to be said over and over!  So a bit of extra learning about the whys and wherefores can only add to the game, yes?!

How does he manage to listen to so many prayers?  Each of these ribbons is a prayer and there are so many at Leicester Cathedral right now.

Maybe that's why the hungry aren't fed and everyone is busy throwing bombs at each other, the prayer lines are over used and constantly engaged!

That's my excuse for 10 minutes and I'm sticking to it.

Happy Easter all, I hope you find some quiet time to contemplate why the holiday exists.  It's OK to eat chocolate whilst you think about it....yes, it's another of those unwritten rules, honestly, you know you can trust me.

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