If you give a little love you can get a little love of your own

>>  Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Doing something nice for someone just because, it feels nice to do.

Try it.

Just hold the door open for someone or maybe just offer someone a smile.

It feels nice to do.

I'm a great advocate of paying it forwards.  Imagine what a day would be like in the world, just one day, if everyone decided that was going to be the day they would all do one thing for something.

The police are saying we should no longer give money to homeless beggars, it just perpetuates the problem, that we should give to charity that helps them in the 'correct way' instead.  Fine.  I see the point of not feeding an addiction, killing with kindness.  But by telling people to remove themselves from direct caring and let the charities do it, we run the risk of becoming even further isolated from social responsibility.  We need to interact with people to understand what loving your neighbour really means.

There is now a feeling coming through that the middle class volunteer that goes abroad on a gap year to assist with projects is doing more harm than good.  That they should stop going.

We should stop voluntourism because it isn't the perfect way to help, we should stop giving money to beggars because it isn't the perfect way to help. We will be left with the feeling we should stop helping because what we try to do won't be enough, won't be good enough, won't matter or make a difference.

It's not true.  Small stones make big ripples. Don't ever give up trying to help someone, even if it's just the offer of pushing their shopping trolley to the car.


BavarianSojourn 3:35 pm  

It's definitely something I do more now that I live abroad strangely. You realise how vulnerable you are when you don't fluently speak another person's language, but kindness is easily translated in any language! :)

Mwa 1:53 am  

I think it makes people feel better to think there's nothing they can do to help. I love paying it forward, too.

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