A bird on the hand

>>  Friday, April 29, 2016

 HWMBO bought me a falconry day for Christmas.

It was a full day with lots of different birds.  We were a fairly small group of people so there was plenty of hands on opportunities.

There were a lot of birds there to be seen and held.

From tiny owls to the largest owls.  Hawks, falcons and eagles.

Some of them were characters.

My favourite was the peregrine falcon.  It was gorgeous.

And very fast

 And not prepared to share it's quail with anyone.

We had a rustic lunch, some with better table manners than others.

Boxed up the ferrets

And headed off into the fields with the dog, ferrets and a couple of hawks, as you do.

It was lovely walking along with the hawks for company.

 I kept saying in my head "say your pwayers wabbit"  but the group of people I was with did not strike me as having grown up on a diet of Elma Fudd and I decided they were thoughts best kept to myself.  Very hard work for me.
 At one point the group behind the leader, myself and another guy was being rather loud and the leader told them to shush as we were close to the rabbit set.  I wanted to say sooooo badly "Shhh, be vewy vewy quiet, I'm hunting wabbits"
 There were also a pair of red kites hovering above us for most of the time, I wondered if they were hoping we would flush something out for them but they wouldn't take the big rabbits like harrier hawks.  I think we were just lucky to see them too.

In true bugs bunny tradition, the rabbits we flushed out and the birds chased managed to get away and will fight another day.

It was a perfect day, if bone shatteringly cold, I would do it over again in a (cold) snap.


Life isn't always as it should be is it?

>>  Sunday, April 24, 2016

Life isn't always as it should be, is it?

I am completely aware of how bad that grammar is and I just don't care.

This morning my fat cat ran so hard at the bedroom door it flew open, the cat ran in and deposited its own body weight bright yellow vomit on the cream carpet.  I chased it out, the cat that is, the vomit remained attached to the carpet slowly seeping in and dying it.  The cat threw up down the stairs, along the hall and finally on the door step.  So my day started trying the mop up more sick than a cat should ever be able to hold whilst wondering how the hell I am going to find time to take it to the vets. I suspect I won't find the time and when it finally becomes desperate I will receive a berating from the vet for not acting sooner.

The reason why I don't have time is because I am trying to work, run a Ranger unit and ferry my non-eating daughter around numerous weekly health appointments with GPs (typically useless), dieticians (sodding useless), Private Allergy clinics (helpful in that she doesn't have any), Psychogists (a weekly 3.5 hour round trip - how wonderful that the services are so close), and finally the golden prize..an eating disorders clinic..jury's out on that one until we've been.

I spend at least 3 hours a day trying to convince her to eat.  It's a soul destroying exercise which I am losing.  I suspect she will soon be in hospital.  That will be the end of her studies.  I am sick with worry.

My knee?!  Oh that's no better, I am struggling to walk at the moment which is an interesting development after being discharged by the hospital with a "we don't know what's wrong with it, the scans show nothing, the injections didn't work, go try some more physio"  So I cannot run.  Which is lucky, as I don't have time anyway.

I have my first race for life of 3 coming in 3 weeks time.  I apologise in advance to all the people that have sponsored me already.  I do plan to try to hobble round.

HWMBO is in Canada.  My problems are not his problems.

Life isn't always as it should be.

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