Harry Potter and the Drafter

>>  Sunday, January 25, 2015

 We had a day out at the Harry Potter studios.  Great fun, lots of amazing thing to look at and do.
 But I was especially taken with the illusions.  I've always loved the way simple things can totally deceive the mind. Remember the spinning lady?
 Or the house that may be converse or concave?

The studio was full of illusions.

 I don't know how I fell into my career path but it isn't what motivated me at school.  Whilst I did computer studies and programming at school, what I loved most was technical drawing and 3D modelling of those drawings.

I could have stood in the gallery displaying the technical drawings and these models for a very long time, both marvelling and wondering why on earth I didn't carry on doing what I enjoyed.

Models are quite amazing and don't even have to be that small.  This one was the size of a house.

Wouldn't it be lovely to use a bit of magic and recreate yourself in a different vein, the one you might have been.


Frozen Themed Ranger Evening

>>  Friday, January 23, 2015

The Rangers wanted a Frozen evening.  In order to accommodate PJs in front of a movie, it was decided that the first meeting back after Christmas would be at my house.

Shoes off!

We set up the movie to play synchronously in the kitchen and the living room, so the main activities could happen where mess was less likely to be an issue. (I seriously didn't want chocolate on my living room carpet!)

They made sock snowmen.
Marshmallow Olafs and Svens.

Some were more successful in how they looked that others.  This one tickled me.
Pin the nose on the Olaf.
And this is how my Kitchen ended up
Ho hum!

The living room carpet did remain clear of damage which amazed me considering after the movie had finished there were 12 girls playing games like the Danish counting song and pass the squeeze in there!

Forever a glutton for punishment, I have offered my house for the ranger pamper night too.  I haven't mentioned it to HWMBO yet, I've only just told him about the district meeting that is at our house soon, best not to overload him with the joyous news all in one go!

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