Cress Space Rockets and Launching Rockets

>>  Sunday, September 21, 2014

I was in the Future Zone at our county's StarQuest event for Brownies 100 birthday.  There were 1575 brownies there and it definitely feels like I helped to make that many rockets!

These are a great idea, as I was busy making them I didn't actually get a great photo of them but you can see the idea.

The stand template is easy, you just need to measure the top gap to be the width of the cup you use as that is where it will sit.

This base needs to be cut out of card.

Cut all around both and cut a slit on the lines up to the dot.  They then slot into each other at right angles.

We used expresso sized cups.

The Brownies decorated the base any way they liked and the cups too.  Many put aliens or astronauts looking out of windows.
A single round cotton wool pad was the perfect size to sit in the cup, it was dampened in water first and the cress seeds sprinkled on and hey presto.

I think this could be developed and perhaps sweets put inside the cup for a father's day take home craft.

If you are doing a space theme,  these were also easy fun.  They coloured half the semi circle and it was cut out and rolled into a cone.

The cone goes on top of an empty washing up liquid bottle.

And squeeze to launch.

I think these would make a good pack holiday 'just in case it rains' as they are so cheap and easy.

The cone could be anything related to your theme.  Launch mice, princesses, harry potter hats, anything.  You just have to draw it on the cone!


Arts Fresco

>>  Friday, September 19, 2014

Our local market town was turned into a street theatre last weekend.  The town was jam packed full of street performers
I had a spot of deja vu with this guy, then I realised Cog and I had watched him in Covent Garden in the past.

There was weird

and weider

and odder
The town has been strangely knitted for a while. Lamp posts, bikes, bollards all covered in knitting.  I assume it was linked to the Arts Fresco.  Either that or the WI have gone completely bonkers.

This is a town where there is more Joules, Boden and Wills per square inch than anywhere else in the country.  
It's not a wellie if it's not Joules and it's not a kids party if there isn't enough mini-boden to be the epitome of middle class.

But these were my main reason for going and they were as incredible and captivating as I imagined they would be.

In fact watching them walking the streets around the town, particularly where the crowd had thinned,  gave me a menacing war of the worlds shiver down the spine.

There were as many children in total crying meltdown as there were those that were in awe and wonder.

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