Our Chalet Winter Programme

>>  Friday, October 24, 2014

Our Chalet, the first World Guiding Centre, has an amazing winter programme on offer this year.

I want this to be me sooooo badly!

And one year it will be.

Their Christmas package is available to anyone. You can go as an an individual, with your group, or family.

Winter packages are open to Guides and Scouts, leaders, families and friends as well as non members, males and females of all ages.

There's a New Years break.

Ski Packages.

The Rover week looks absolutely amazing:

experience an international event, winter outdoor activities in the Swiss Alps such as downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, snow shoeing, winter hiking, sledging and a snow BBQ, participate in fun evening programmes such as our international festival, a Swiss cultural evening, WAGGGS night, night sledging and our special closing campfire and take part in a service project for the local community.

Winter packages include:
  • indoor accommodation in Our Chalet (double rooms to dormitory)
  • all meals, starting with a dinner on arrival day and packed lunch on departure day
  • day and evening programme activities as stated in the respective Information packs
  • complimentary luggage transfer to and from Our Chalet (Oey bus stop)
  • complimentary daily ski shuttles (for Ski Weeks)
  • special festive dinner and brunch (for New Year Break and Christmas event)
Adelboden is one of top three winter activities resorts in Switzerland, offers pristine nature covered with a thick layer of snow with perfect conditions for downhill skiing and snowboarding.The resort offers 210 km of groomed pistes. It also has several cross country skiing, sledding and airboarding areas and winter trails for snow shoe hiking.
Winter time is also perfect for snow games, igloo building, campfires, snow barbecue and more.

During Witner weeks they also run Evening programmes including International night, Swiss cultural night, WAGGGS Night, Games and Campfires.

I think I left part of my heart in Our Chalet last spring and I long to be back inside the lovely wooden Chalet, it holds an atmosphere that is everything that is good and right about Guiding today.

It is staffed with enthusiastic volunteers that made it precisely the experience I imagined it would be.


Remembering why they are there

>>  Tuesday, October 21, 2014

This week's gallery is 'Talent'

My talent does not lie in cake making! Let's clear that one up.  But I will bake a batch of cakes to let the Rangers know I value them and their achievements.

Many years ago I help out at a Brownie pack where the leader shouted - a lot.  I think we all got into the habit of it a bit but there came a moment for me when I stopped and looked at us all and thought 'they come here to have fun not to be shouted out'.

It was a turning point for me.

When I came to my current Ranger unit to help out there was a general air in the leadership that made me feel uncomfortable and it took me straight back to that moment at Brownies all those years ago.  Rangers don't turn up to be lectured or spoken down to and they recognise sarcasm and derision very well.

It can be hard to be constantly positive and nobody could stand a permanent Pollyanna but a general air of it spreads out to create a friendly, supportive environment.

I had a card from a Ranger that left to go to university.  She said I had created a turning point for her in Guiding, she started to enjoy it again with me there, she wanted to stay a part of it and is now starting her Queen's Guide.  Another Ranger said to me the other night "I really enjoy coming to Rangers".

I'm pretty rubbish at cooking (but I can turn out a meal for 20+ on a pack holiday!).
My fitness for running is mediocre (but I can stay the course in a 12 hour day of 1500 girls.)
I'm pretty average in anything I do (but our best effort is accepted as good enough in Guiding.)
I don't play an instrument, I can't sing for toffee, I can't act, and I'm not the top in my field at work (I'm definitely not top in my field when it comes to Guiding in a field!)

But I can help a great group of girls have a great time.

I think I scare the willies out of Rainbows, bless their little cotton socks, I'm totally not talented enough to be a Rainbow leader! But I can make Brownies giggle, Guides roll their eyes (do they do anything else!!), and I can turn a Senior Section atmosphere around  that changed a girl that went home in tears after each meeting (I often wonder why she came back)  into a Ranger that loved being there.

In my generally under achieving world that is a huge talent in my eyes.

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