Good Old Collingwood Forever

>>  Wednesday, March 04, 2015

This week's Gallery is Black and White, the last time it was Black and White I shared the multifaceted wardrobe belonging to HWMBO which is 50% Wacken Ts, 50% Collingwood Ts.

And the theme being here again, the only black and white to share is the one that that dominates my life:


I don't support Collingwood, let's get that clear.  I don't really do Aussie Rules at all, but if I did, Collingwood would not be my team.  I'd rather eat my own eyeballs than call myself a Collingwood supporter.  I understand this depth of feeling is normal for a non-Magpie. (I'd probably support Hawthorn but I rather like to glee in a win by Geelong just to annoy HWMBO.)

So let's return to the HWMBO's versatile wardrobe:

Ourgate: Collingwood 2009 members hat

Swimming in the Med - Collingwood T
Rhodes, Collingwood 2013 members hat
 I understand that footie is important.  In 2002 we had to stay at the closest hotel to Heathrow that had a TV channel that was showing the Grand Final and we checked in just 10 minutes before our flight to Australia closed 'because it was a very close game'.

Cyprus, Collingwood 2002 (losers!) shirt
Rottnest Island, Australia. Collingwood T and Hat
(lost during the Iron Maiden set at Wacken 2010
- traumatic enough to still be remembered)
Gaucin, Spain. Collingwood 2006 T
Normandy, France. Collingwood 2006 T
Santander, Spain. Collingwood T
Versailles, Paris.  Collingwood hat.

I know it's not just him though, there was the year I came downstairs (remember the final is on overnight here) in the morning to find a normally normal Australian friend on his hands and knees banging the floor with his hand as the Swans were about to win for the first time in 72 years.

Our married life is catalogued around the games, for example if I ask him what year we were married the inevitable answer will be "Swans, 2005".

He can quote games, years, players, stats, he has an amazing memory for it.  It's a shame he didn't marry someone that is actually interested!

And my favourite wind him up game:

"What year did Collingwood win the Grand Final dear?"
"No, before that?"
"Wow was it really so long between wins, and yet it seems like they've been in sooooo many finals, they must have lost a lot!"

That one always goes down like a led balloon.
You have no idea how important Collingwood is to him, in fact it says an awful lot about how much he thinks of me that he has been prepared to be parted from them for so long.

My Office - Good old Collingwood forever!


The Cost of a Free Education - GSCE PE

>>  Sunday, March 01, 2015

Cog is doing GSCE PE.  It is seen as a light weight subject not to be taken seriously.  It is in fact a damned hard subject to pass.  Not only is it a hard one, it's also an expensive one.

In fairness we were warned in advance that a pass would cost money.  I don't think I appreciated quite how much.

They have to take 4 sports actively, spread across different criteria, so you can't do some sports together.

Cog has tennis,  across the years I think I will have paid in the region of £2500 on it.  She isn't enjoying it now as much as she used to so it has become a bit of a ball and chain.  She will be glad to finish the GCSE and stop playing for a while.

She is also doing trekking.  DofE has cost me about £1000 for Bronze, Silver and kit.  She could have done it cheaper through the school but the company she did it with were marvellous, very supportive, organised and helped her achieve top marks.
 Archery.  She has had to do the training, join a club, insurance, and the kit.  Her father feeds the cost of this habit.  But I have had to spend a day recently in the cold and wet, filming evidence for the school to support the marks she is being awarded by her coaches.

I had to buy a new camera up to the job and editing software to put together the right evidence for them.

Riding....oh the emptier of wallets extreme, and we don't own a horse!

She is however, a natural rider and always has been.  She loves the horses with a passion that I am pleased is passed onto her four legged friends and not channelled into boys.  But the cost of helmets, body protectors, boots, clothes, brushes, lessons (getting my horse poo covered car cleaned) all add up.

I had to spend 2 afternoons filming for this one and pay for the private time in the riding school for the assessment.

For a while she was toying with using trampolining and was going to a club for that.  Badminton was also a consideration.  And if only she could have used orienteering, but that cannot be used alongside trekking and horse riding which apparently are the same type of sport!

I'm guessing the cost of this GCSE so far at about £7000 and she is still only staring a C grade in the face right now.

But she is incredibly fit and these years invested in her health will put her in good stead for the rest of her life....even if the Gove value of the qualification amounts to nothing at all.

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