Guide and Brownie Beetle

>>  Monday, October 17, 2016

Beetle is an easy game to play in a group, you just need a dice (per table), a copy of this sheet (per person) and a pencil (per person).

If you have a small group, just have one table with everyone together.  But if there are a lot of you then split up into tables of even numbers.

The youngest player rolls the dice first then play continues clockwise

You need a 6 (body) to start, when you get it you draw your body on the sheet.  You need a leg to be able to draw a wellie and you need ahead to be able to draw a hat or scarf.

It doesn't matter what your girl guide looks like, so have some fun with her. You draw it all in the one box so with this sheet you can have 9 games.

The first player from all the tables to draw a complete beetle shouts BEETLE and scores the maximum 10 points for that round.

Everyone else counts up how many parts they have drawn (one point per part.)

The winner from the round moves UP to the next table, eg. if the winnner is on table four they move up to table five.The person with the LEAST points in each round moves DOWN a table, eg. if they are on table six they move down to table five. Table one's lowest scorer moves to the highest numbered table.

At the end of the Beetle Drive, the winner is the person who has scored the most points over all the games added together. In the event of a tie, the two players with the same number of points is roll a dice and the highest throw becomes the overall winner.

You can download the sheet with the camp and brownie versions HERE

Have fun


Under water treadmill

>>  Wednesday, October 12, 2016

So having been through a number of consultants and physios with limited success to fix my knee, the last consultant I saw recommended a running coach and physio who do running analysis using a normal treadmill and one in water.

Actually they spent a lot of time first with me just doing different movements before they even started to look at my run style.

It turns out I have no glutes to be spoken of, I am still compensating for my back problem even though I no longer have one and my centre of gravity is way off.  I have definite lean to the side, I lean forward when I run,  I flick my legs out to the side and forwards and

despite being right side dominant I never actually use my right leg properly.

Oh the list of my failings was endless and although the ladies really were the loveliest people, I did at least twice have to have a stern chat to myself of "do not cry, do not cry"

But beyond all the bad news, the good news is they gave me some exercises to do to free up my 'fixed position' and when I have finally mastered those I am to go back and have another analysis to see what I do next to sort out my bad form and see if  I can finally get closer to sorting out my bad knee.

But running in water is so much fun, it is almost impossible to have a bad position, the water makes you use your muscles properly.  It is hard work.

I loved it!!

Oh to have one of these at home.

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