Laughable Corsetry

>>  Tuesday, March 31, 2015

This weekend I stood pondering this photograph for a while in the ruins of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church.  

OH came up behind me and said over my shoulder "and without photoshop too"

So we were both looking at the waists of the women.  They may be without photoshop but not without pain.  How thankful I am that the 2 world wars put a great thorn in the side of the corset industry and it only makes occasional fetish return - or so I thought - nope it's all the new rage thanks to our ever 'I don't care how I affect young girls' celebs with their pathetic next 'keep myself in the press' big thing.  The 'fitness waist trainer' - nope it just pushes your fat around my love.  Fitness comes from using the equipment not taking photos of yourself in perfect make-up.  FFS.

 And this is what girls aspire to look like.

Bet you can't wait until your cherub skips home and says "'mummy I want to be like that Romanian model, please can I have a corset for Christmas"

I've seen all of these girls look stunning in prom dresses but do you know I like them best when they look like this.  Not one of them wore make-up, just comfy clothes and they didn't care.  They cared about getting breakfast cooked and having a laugh.

And I like to hope that their partners of the future will also like them best when they are still confident enough to be this way because they really understand what actually matters and what is just laughable corsetry.

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Nota Bene 12:50 am  

Genuine fashion victims

Libby Price 11:29 am  

I wore a corset once under a ball gown (I need scaffolding given my ample bosom) but - it was tasteful (Twitter profile pic actually!), not suffocating (although I still had trouble sitting down and eating) and it was just for a few hours. It did make me feel fabulous though. #shallow However, it was a one off - and not to train my waist! That's what the sweating in the gym is for!
And I am much more likely to be found in a pair of jogging bottoms most days!

Kahanka 12:00 pm  

OMG, those photos are shocking! I am dreading this and really hope that am raising Isabelle the right way. Would hate seeing her like this! Here is to #fitness!

Rol Hirst 12:23 pm  

If you're gonna wear something like that... and you actually WANT to look like that (not just peer-pressured into believing it's attractive)... you should maybe untie the corset from your brain. I think it's squeezing out all the sense...

Sarah MumofThree World 3:28 pm  

What a fantastic post! I really hope that at some point this culture of celebrity and obsession with looks and achieving the impossible will end, but I'm not sure that it will. Like you, I like to see girls (and boys) mucking, working hard, outdoors, doing sport, wearing their oldest clothes... They are fit, healthy and beautiful. Just as nature intended.

Addy 3:41 pm  

Why does everyone want to look like clones of someone else? Why can't we embrace our diversity? Why do we all have to be
thin/pretty/tattooed/whatever just because it's the fashion? What a crazy world we live in.

Jacq Watkins 8:09 pm  

Jesus, that's terrifying isn't it :( I like my girls in normal clothes too

Iota Manhattan 10:49 pm  

Totally agree. I rather wish that the fashion for everything to be on or below the waist would change. I think it was much easier to have a good figure when jeans, trousers, skirts came up to your navel - really emphasised the waist, and disguised any little bit of podge in that area. The trend for showing the midriff is really very unforgiving.

Mwa 11:27 am  

Eeew what an awful photograph? They should do a picture of her internal organs next to it, and what position they have to get in.

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