Strange Sights

>>  Friday, August 28, 2009

We went to London today and it reminded me of a visit a few years ago. She is a country girl and was little in awe of big cities when younger. Just prior to her second trip to London we said to her "now remember not to be skipping too far ahead of us, and be prepared for some strange sights, there's things happen in the city you wouldn't get at home"

We had a lovely day sight seeing, we were walking down Bird Cage Hill towards Buckingham Palace when a man cycled passed us wearing absolutely nothing but a smile, we waved at him heartily, he waved back. About 20 yards behind him was a police van with about 6 policemen also laughing at him (presumably they would stop him before he sailed past the Queens window!)

"is that what you meant mum about strange sights?"

Not sure even I was expecting that one!!


Stephanie 11:22 pm  

Oh my gosh! What a day:) (and yet I still want to see London) LOL

Jen 10:08 am  

That's London for you!

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