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>>  Thursday, August 27, 2009

I went to a fitness training session this evening, same instructor, different village.

We were doing the usual weights, cardio, pain-making: didn't-know-I-had-a-muscle-there, running, get the painful picture. The difference was the view:

We were on a playing field that overlooked the Welland Valley, my word it was beautiful, the sun was starting to set, the fields were golden, a gentle breeze was blowing, the evening dusk starts to fall.

Imagine a group of half-fit middle aging want-to-be's (fit) puffing up and down and the only chap in the group puffs "that star there, that's Jupiter" - and so it was - bright and beautiful and then a bat started to swoop around us, clearing up the evening insects.

How much more civilised than being on a treadmill in a metal running farm with pouting, pert girlys around I thought; "FASTER, COME ON, PUSH, YOU CAN DO IT" the instructor yells me out of my day-dream - back to the pain then, but how worth it for the beautiful evening.


PippaD 12:47 am  

I think I'll try this tomorrow - hopefully though a bat won't swoop down on me and the weird neighbour won't watch me...

Working Mum 6:11 pm  

Sounded much more fun than indoor exercise. I always prefer fresh air (even when I used to go to the gym, I wanted to be in the hills). Just need to train daughter to manage a fell or two in the Lakes now and we'll be off!

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