Tube Taring

>>  Saturday, August 29, 2009

I enjoy travelling on the tubes, probably because I only do it a few times a year and not every day!

Waiting to get onto a train as others got off, a number of people were already pushing their way on. There was a lady with a buggy trying to get off. A little peeved I put my arm out to stop those trying to get on without letting the buggy off.

The man I had immediately blocked reached over my arm and helped to lift the buggy off. It made me laugh and I said "fair play to you mate!" I was a little embarrassed for having stopped someone who was actually prepared to help not just trample his way through.

I had boxed him off with all the others that couldn't care less. Time I opened my eyes wide to the world and didn't just tar everyone with the same brush.

As we got onto the tube, he sat down next to his partner and they (nicely) laughed together and looked at me, I winked and smiled back. A difficult situation in which not only had he helped but he also made me feel ok about what had happened. Nice person all round I think.


PippaD 9:15 am  

If only there were more around like him!

Jen 9:51 am  

Good on you for standing up for her though! :-)

j 10:59 am  

Yeah, but I really like it that you were there to help. Excellent.

Working Mum 7:05 pm  

Nice story. Reffirms your faith in humanity.

Regarding the cyclist; do you think he's trying to become the next NY Naked Cowboy?

AGuidingLife 8:53 pm  

The Naked Cowboy appears to wear underwear - maybe he was training for this :

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