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>>  Sunday, August 23, 2009

I particularly enjoyed this today Tesco Car Parks to Offer Lazy Bastard Parking Bays

I did once shout after a man who had parked his sports car in an ASDA mother and baby parking bay.

Me, in a very helpful, happy and cheerful voice: "excuse me, excuse me"

he turned round and looked nicely at me

me, still in a very happy tone: "You forgot your baby"

He looked furious!!!! I rather enjoyed it


Jen 2:53 pm  

Love it - I hate people that park in disabled bays in particular but mother-and-baby ones too.

Stephanie 6:31 pm  

Hee hee! Love love it!!

The wife of bold 9:38 pm  

That is brilliant- i'm never quite quick witted to come up with those one liners at the time, it's only ten minutes after the incident do i play back in my mind what i should have said - well done you!

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