Chasing Cows

>>  Friday, August 21, 2009

I got a phone call yesterday evening from my friend who had my daughter round to tea.

"Just to left you know I've had to tell them both off today, very badly, caught them chasing the cows!"

Now this is really quite serious, apparently HSE figures show that 18 people have been killed and 481 injured by cows in Britain in the past eight years. So she was very right to tell them off, and I also gave my daughter a stern talking to when she got home but......

....the other half of me is smiling inside...she wasn't playing chicken on train tracks, burning cars, trying her first drugs or doing any of the other worrying things the news keeps throwing at us that young children are "up to" these days.....nope.....Cow Chasing...

Dangerous? only if they are grumpy or have calves...and she does know not to mess with cows with calves

Illegal? Probably - more likely to be on grounds of trespassing off the public right of way than harassment!

Funny? Definitely! I feel jolly mean for having sent her to bed on a harsh talking to when I actually find it quite amusing. I wonder if she will move onto Cow Tipping ?!
She's always been ready to show them who's boss! A farmers wife in the making me thinks!


The wife of bold 4:35 pm  

Sounds like she's definitely made for life on the farm :) And like you say if chasing cows is the worst she can do, then i don't think you need to worry x

PippaD 8:56 pm  

As I was reading I was thinking at least she isn't cow tipping! I wouldn't of been able to keep a straight face on the phone.

j 5:22 am  

We have a divide (ocean sized) and I don't know if you have heard of Chik-fil-a. It is a fast food restaurant that serves only chicken (SOOO GOOD) and their marketing slogan is cows that hold signs that say "Eat mor chikin". VERY clever. You can watch the super bowl commercial here

Anyway, long story short, this post made me hungry :)

Your daughter is adorable!

AGuidingLife 1:56 pm  

That is a funny video!!

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