Pitching Alone

>>  Tuesday, August 25, 2009

There have been numerous blog entries recently on the joy (less) ness of pitching tents with partners.

The answer is : Do it alone

Yesterday I pitched a 5 man tent with 7 foot head room all alone. It took me a while granted, but I never once said to myself:

"That's not the way we did it last year"

"Pull, PULL not push"

"No, not that one"

"it was the long one, oh maybe it wasn't then, well there's no need to say it like that"

"This was your idea, I wanted to go to a hotel in Spain"

"well do it your bloody self then"

Yep, it was a pleasant couple of hours in solitude, pitching alone whilst everyone was out. Daughter enjoyed a nights camping out in the back garden with her friend too.


Stephanie 2:05 am  

Solid advice. I'd offer the same for painting a room!! lol

PippaD 3:10 pm  

I cheated, I brought a pop up tent....

Tim Atkinson 8:45 pm  

You weren't, by any chance, a Girl Guide were you?

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