Rutland Round Section 3b - Ketton to Empingham

>>  Tuesday, June 23, 2020

 Picking up at Ketton which was our half way point on the last walk  we headed out for the last part of the 3rd section of the Rutland Round.
 Many of the main routes mix, some parts of the Rutland Round are also the Macmillan Way and the Hereward Way.
 This route heads out through Ketton Quarry towards Rutland Water.

There were plenty of red kites up in the sky.  There have been even more of them around this year, they really are breeding well around this area.

Rutland Water was very busy at Normanton. The car park was close to full, I assume it was ok as long as everyone was staying alert (which is all we need to be now)

To be honest on some of those paths the full 2m social distance is not going to happen but it was very blowy - you'd have to be unlucky to 'share air'
 I pushed my luck a bit further with an ice-cream.

So I guess I'm on a 14 day health watch again.
 The sailing club was running, the small boats were out and we watched some 'sailors' trying to right an up-tipped catamarang for a while.
 We left the crowds on the dam and headed off towards Empingham village.
 With a meadowy stop along the way for lunch.
 Empingham is another village straight out of the Cotswolds that the tourists have never discovered.
 I assume the locals like it that way.
 Lots of the houses had this on them
 Having got to Empingham, we circled back towards Ketton.

We thought this would be an interesting paddle.
 Until we saw the bridge a bit further down.
 The last few miles were on the same path we came out on.
 Back through the quarry
But at the end we found some stepping stones to finally have a go at crossing a stream!

It was a lovely 12 miles in perfect weather.

And with that Section 3 was complete.

Of course each section is having to be done in two parts as a circular or an out and back because at the moment we cannot share cars.


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