Rutland Round Section 3a - Barrowden to Ketton

>>  Thursday, June 11, 2020

We started the Rutland Round on Section 2  in March and were immediately scuppered by Covid-19 lockdown.

So it was with trepidation that we ventured out again in June as the rules started to relax.

Not wanting to car-share obviously 4 of us drove independently to Barrowden and walked at a socially distanced pace.

Because we couldn't leave cars to share at either end of the section we walked half a section and turned around and walked back to our cars.

It was wet which kept away the crowds and we pretty much had this part of Rutland to ourselves.
 We skirted Wakerley
 The cygnets were quite big and there was also seeded rape seed in some fields which shows how long I'd been inside, I never saw a single yellow field this year!
 We went along a dismantled railway line for a while.

 Into Geeston
 Over the main railway line

And onto Ketton

Lunch sat socially distanced on the church wall watching the local publican delivering Sunday lunch time takeaway flagons of beer to local residents.

And then back we went the way we came.
 But took the time this time to have a wander around Tixover Church grounds.
 The village is no longer near the church but it seems to be well used all the same and I would like to go back to look around inside.

So we did a 14 mile walk to cover 7 miles of the Rutland Round but it is a truly lovely part of the country even on a wet day.  It's like someone placed Cotswolds villages in the area and forgot to tell the tourists!

It was good to be 'back on it'


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