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>>  Monday, June 29, 2020

A few weeks ago we started with a quite quick and fairly straight forward Harry Potter Escape room freely available at:

So another week we moved onto the www.saintmichaelsscouts.org.uk/escape/

They enjoyed this one more, it is really well done and you moved interactively around rooms hunting for objects and solving clues.

You need to register in advance, and it would be good to make a donation.

We had 4 working on it all together as a group, they said afterwards that maybe it would have been more controlled if they still all went in as individuals but only one person was doing the typing.  
Do look at the hints (I printed them out and used them to guide a little at the beginning.) Also note that you cannot start the meeting and join it from the same computer it does mess it up.
It took the Rangers about an hour to do this escape room challenge. 

To pad time out to the end of the meeting they did the Camp Mystery.  You can download it from here

This is not my resource, I cannot remember where I picked it up from and if you want to claim copyright of it, please contact me

This took the Rangers about 15 minutes as a group, with me screen sharing it and reading the clues and them telling me what to type in to help them solve it.
It's easy for this age, but everything in life doesn't have to be hard, as long as it is fun!

So where we are headed next if they fancy another night at it is one of the following:

A Scouty one:

And a what-3-words trail :

So plenty of resources to keep any group of Rangers keen on this type of activity going through a couple of virtual meetings.

Have Fun.


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