Rangers Expect the Unexpected and Alphabetical Scavenger hunt - online meeting

>>  Friday, June 05, 2020

We started the online meeting night with the UMA Expect the Unexpected.

The girls were basically doing  improvisation and we followed the card fairly well until they needed to 'stay in character' for a wacky part and some of my quieter girls were really struggling.  Luckily another Ranger came to the rescue by randomly talking about a childhood book she'd been reminded off during the course of the activity.  The little Mole who knew it was none of his business.  Which basically led to each ranger being an animal and stating why they knew it wasn't their poo on the moles head.  Yes bizarre but it did set the ball rolling, the girl's imaginations working and them in fits of laughter.

This led very nicely into a meeting idea from a Ranger leader in a leader's online forum.  An Alphabetical scavenger hunt. I sent the girls off to find something starting with each letter from the work ALPHABETICAL.

They all showed their article for each letter in turn.

If they were the only one to have the object then they got a point.  If anyone else had the same object, neither of them got a point.

It was also really good fun and I felt it tied in nicely to the 'improvisation' skills night as they tried to justify why their object was totally different to the other girls, despite them being the same thing!!


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