Local Last?

>>  Sunday, March 22, 2020

 We were due to walk the first part of the Rutland Round but that would have meant car sharing as each part is linear.

So to avoid that we went out on a local walk. 

Nervous because we should be in social isolation but at the same time aware that this may be our last chance to do this, we headed out.

We stayed a good distance apart the full walk.

  And whilst we did see other walkers out and about we managed to stay well away from everyone.

We even ate lunch at least 12 foot apart and lay in the sun for a while discussing normal things.

 Spring had sprung

 Nature carried on as if there wasn't a desperate and sad event unfolding into our lives.
 A gate also isolating from any fence.
 We walked over an enormous pile of old bottles, a hundred or more of them, unearthed by badgers moving into a new set.
Ancient lanes walked by people from centuries ago that also endured times like this.

 Old empty moats
 A beautiful warming sun

But stark contrast to the hell that is about to engulf this country.

11 miles of local walking on what would have been a beautiful day if only the weight of worry isn't all around.


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