Rangers Get Rafty - online meeting

>>  Saturday, May 30, 2020

 Get Rafty UMA worked really well on line

As preparation I asked them to prototype a raft they could float in a bowl of water and it should be able to carry a cup of water and then told them they would need to make it from scratch during the meeting and float it.

And so they did

 Some were simple - but it worked!
 Some were lashed to perfection
 And floated very well - this Ranger will be an engineer when she is older or I will eat my hat - she designs some very clever things naturally in many of our meetings.
 There were a lot of corks being used in many rafts - they all assured me it was because there were plenty in the houses at the moment!
 Odd concept but again it achieved the original specification!
 They all really enjoyed doing it.

I recommend this one for an online (outdoor) meeting

We will do this one again when we can get together and head out for a walk up the river to float rafts properly.


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