Ranger Fort Challenge - online meeting

>>  Saturday, March 28, 2020

Guiding meetings in person have ended because of corvid-19, so we have moved to online meetings.

We started the first one with a quiz night to get used to the software but for the second one we had a Fort building challenge.

I told them in advance to have all the stuff they thought they might need ready and a small snack and drink.

They built them whilst online, sat in them and secret voted Eurovision style - 12 points for the favourite, 10 points for 2nd and 5 points for 3rd place.

Some had thought through the equipment well,  bringing pegs to the party.

Some were built with multiple rooms

Some 'destroyed' by pets

 Some had 'comfort' areas - perfect for the well being interest badge

Some were more KonMari.

The winner had fairy lights

And a Jungle theme

 It was only an hour on a Saturday night, but it was an hour of friendship and distraction from the rotten time we find ourselves in right now.


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