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>>  Saturday, April 04, 2020

Once a pun a time is UMA in the Express Myself theme.

On our zoom session we did part one, which is rhyming words, in a circle.  So basically we went around the 'room'  and it worked as well as if we'd been together in a real room.

We might be finding online easy because we are a small group, never more than 10 of us,  and only 6 for this.  But it seems to be working well.  I can see their faces, can tell if they are getting distracted or not engaged by what we are doing and move it along if necessary.

They punned away telling jokes for a while.

Then I sent them off to break out rooms, which the software allows me to randomly allocate people to,  which I like as it shuffles them up a bit more than I might if they or I chose.

They wrote their punny stories, I popped in and out of the breakout rooms but mostly left them be for 15 minutes (and did the meeting admin recording badges and attendance).  They came back to the main meeting to read their stories.

It went well, it brought them together with a purpose.  They are all putting their uniform on to do these meetings, more than they did to proper meetings!  So, so far so good.

I've also started to invite Young Leaders from the district to join us if they like, now I have some confidence with the software and the way the meetings are working out.

I hope this is helping them, it's definitely giving me something else to think about other than food and bad news.


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