Rangers Christmas Tree Festival 2019

>>  Saturday, November 30, 2019

You might recall our sterling entry into the local Christmas Tree Festival last year.  It was a large entry and I didn't know how or what we could do this year.  But a man at work has had a pile of coffee jars growing on his desk for a long time, so I freed him of the burden of them and sat down to have a think about it.

I had a difficult night of following YouTube instructions on how to 'simply' frost your glass jar in a matter of seconds whilst dressed like a model (the youtuber not me!)
And this is the best I could manage.  I didn't feel it would cut the mustard.  So I ordered some craft sand and hoped the Rangers were going to do better than me
They did. 

I gave them lots of 'stuff' and some ideas.

And they ran with them.

It's amazing what you can do with a cinnamon stick and a glue gun!

All of these decorations were hung inside the jars from the lids.

With tiny battery candles in each jar, the help of tinsel, a lazy Susan, some holographic place mats, a plastic plant pot and a necker

A tie in to the Church and chocolate for the children,

And a Christmas tree topper

I think it came out alright.

The Guide Leader that runs the 'teas, coffees and mince pies' has been incredibly ill this year and the Rangers really stepped up the mark to help out.  Every one of them did a lengthy shift, even the ones that have come from different areas and have never met her before.

They are really special girls. They get nothing in return, no formal recognition on the new Guiding Programme, there is no reward or badge for service in the community.  But they do it anyway,  and they know how much the community values it.

I have absolutely no idea what to do next year, I'd like to continue to steer away from just decorating an ordinary tree but I don't want to make it too hard a job either.  This being small was a breeze to put together on set up day (and take down at the end). 

I sadly think next year I will be carrying even more of the 'kitchen' role next year so I need to keep the tree simple.

Ideas on a postcard please!


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