Back on the walking wagon

>>  Sunday, November 24, 2019

It’s been quite a while since I’d been out with the walking club because of commitments and then illness but I finally made it to the local mid-month walk.

 The walk came only a few days after a lot of flooding in our region so it was always going to be wet underfoot, but at least it had stopped coming out of the sky.
It always amazes me how many of these green lanes there are around here.  Lovely to walk on, but I do wonder why they are left are they are by the farmers.

The fields give the impression of dry but it was like walking close to the sea, with every footstep water puddled round your feet.  Stand still for long enough and you would sink!

It's surprising how warm it was for November, although a good up hill climb will always bring on a sweat.

Testimony to how wet it was and how much water we paddled through is shown by how clean my boots were at the end.

Love going home with a clean boot!  (The gaiters soon wash off)

An excellent 8 miles around Owston in Rutland.


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