They’re looking for volunteers again!

>>  Friday, December 06, 2019

A Parent's Lament (Anon*)

They're looking for volunteers again,
Be quick and duck your head.
Don't meet their eyes whatever you do,
Or just pretend you're dead.

Guiding, school and basketball, football, PTA,
Turn them down, every request, Be firm and run away!
You see I’m much too busy,
I've no time to spare, relax,
To spend time with some other kids,
Is way too much of a tax.

And I've never volunteered before,
I don't think that I know how,
Everyone else knows more than me,
At least they do right now.
Others seem to know just what to do,
They've a knack to sustain it,
They must have done it all their lives,
Nothing else explains it.

I guess that if I admit it to myself,
I've a little time to spare.
They say you can see a kids eyes light up,
When they know you care.
So come on and volunteer with me,
We'll learn how it is done,
I think that I will make the time,
Well, it might be fun.

(*Edited to Facebook by H.Hepton Jan 2017)


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