La Corbière Lighthouse

>>  Monday, November 18, 2019

On our holiday in Jersey we rocked up at Corbière

We parked up on the hill and walked down past the German occupation concrete fortifications (there are so many in Jersey!)
There is a causeway that  you can walk across to get to the lighthouse.

There was a sign that said if you hear a siren then return immediately but no indication of tide times, so with a little concern (from me) and a 'she'll be right' from HWMBO we set out.
 It was a brief canter from me and ready to turn back straight away, HWMBO must always push boundaries - drives me nuts.
 He dallied around whilst I nagged him until he agreed we could quick march back.

We read the memorial to the keeper who died trying to rescue another dallier and turned back to watch the sea.
 Which within minutes started to lap over the causeway,

 In fact I was surprised at how quickly the causeway became covered.

 And started to disappear

 I sat on the rock for a while watching until it became clear the waves were going to catch up with it and I moved back.

When I was young, my brother and I played this game a lot on the rocks around St Govan's Head in Wales.  I lost my bravery when my brother cracked his head open after slipping when he dashed from a wave.
So I mentioned to HWMBO that he wasn't really wearing the right shoes for playing with the sea and concrete.  As is his way, he grumped at me and told me he was 'FINE'.
So I retreated to watch him until he slipped over running from a wave and cut his face on his glasses, smashed his nose enough to blacken his eyes and cut his hands.

I was determined for at least 5 minutes not to say 'told you so' - I may have lasted 6!
But despite his pain and bruised ego, we stayed a little longer and watched the rocks disappear some more.

This really is a beautiful place, but not one to be messed with.

If you go, do check the tide times before hand and don't take risks.


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