Eddie Stobbart and the Singing Ringing Tree

>>  Tuesday, August 06, 2019

After a day's site seeing we headed to Gretna Green.  Being as walking partner and I are both married already we decided to settle for fish and chips rather than bigamy and drove onto our stopping place for the night.

The Eddie Stobart truck stop in Carlisle.  I was torn between it being an 'experience' and wondering why the  Premier inn down the road hadn't been a consideration on booking!

Anyway, once I'd got over the minimalist decor in the room, the 1963 psychedelic tiling in the bathroom and the wonder of what trucker the shared bathroom was being shared with!  I decided it was rather good fun.

 I watched the trucks going in and out of the fuel station

Wished I'd got a spotters book because I could have half filled it.

Bought myself a souvenir pencil
 And had a cracking breakfast for £3.75 with as many cups of tea as I could drink
We headed onto Burnley to have a look (and listen) to the Singing Ringing Tree.

I'd been thinking about going up there for a while so this was an ideal passing through opportunity.

There is a car park pull in that the locals seemed to frequent (regardless of the time of day or the number of tourists pulling up) for filling in time as nature intended.
So we left the locals to keep testing the car suspension and walked the short path
It is one of 4 panopticons in East Lancashire.

Built in 2006.

It was a little bleak for June but it added to the atmosphere.

And totally happy with a fantastic break away, a mountainous achievement, pushing through the back pain and a tourist package to boot we headed home.


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