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We started on the A619 outside Baslow.  This was my first time doing anything since Scotland and my bad back so I was nervous.  So maybe a little doddery, within the first mile I was flat on my face with cut hands, knees and a very sore ego.  But you can only go onwards when walking in a group!

On Birchen Edge there was Nelson’s Monument and Three Ships.
The monument was erected in 1810 by John Brightman, a local business man, in honour of Admiral Lord Nelson after Trafalgar in 1805.  It was erected before Nelson’s Column in London.
The ships are three gritstone boulders which have Victory, Defiance and Royal Soverin etched on them.

And then we came across a companion stone, a set of stones by local artists and poets.

On Baslow Edge  was Wellington's monument. A celebration of victory at the battle of Waterloo 1815. It was erected by a local army man, Dr Wrench, to counterbalance the memorial dedicated to Admiral Nelson on Birchen Edge.

And onto Eagle Stone, which is becoming a familiar sight to me now and I could tell the others in the group about its stag association.

 This was turning into a beautiful and interesting walk.
 The baby Highland cattle didn't care to be bothered by walkers in the heat of the day.
 We went over Curbar edge to Froggatt
 Which is always stunning
 But we turned off and down a steep route towards Eyam.

 Past the Riley Graves
 If you haven't visited Eyam you should.
 It is a beautiful and interesting village with an incredible history to be proud of.
 The hay making had begun
 and the newest little calves staggered to their feet

Cressbrook dale was extraordinarily beautiful and I'd like to walk through it again.

 Maybe the weather helped.
 But it really was stunning and the flowers that covered the hillsides endless.

And whilst we were distracted by its beauty we missed a path and added an extra mile to the route!

Through Litton and onto Tideswell.

15 miles of the best walk I've had with the walking club.

Just a perfect day.


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