Antonine Wall

>>  Thursday, August 01, 2019

 Scotland really was the very end of the Roman Empire.

In AD142 they built a wall, Antonine's wall

Antoninus Pius invaded Scotland (again, the Roman's had withdrawn 60 years earlier) and this wall was where they drew the line and went no further.

It was 37 miles long and marked the northern frontier of the Roman Empire.
 There are a number of places in Scotland to see sections of it.

And this is one.

It was right next to a housing estate.
 Had been built over and the graffiti probably hasn't changed much in 1877 years.

"Romanes Eunt Domus"

 It was a fascinating haven in an otherwise drab area.
I just shut my eyes and I could hear the clanking of metal, the shouts of soldiers and almost catch the smell of wood fires.


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