Falkirk Sight Seeing - Falkirk Wheel and Kelpies

>>  Saturday, July 27, 2019

After Stirling we headed down to Falkirk.

The Falkirk wheel is the worlds first and only rotating boat lift.  It's 35 metres high and meant that the 2 canals that had been linked by 11 locks until 1933 were reunited again in 2002.

It only uses 1.5kWh of energy to turn, the same amount boiling 8 kettles.

And whilst it seems slow, it is considerably faster than locks which would take hours to get through.

We left there and went onto the beautiful Kelpies.

 They are huge
 and quiet beautiful
 They draw you in with wonder and awe

But don't be fooled by their beauty.  It is a clever game, they draw you in to the loch from where they appear and they will take you back under the water and eat you.

They especially like children

A useful bit of folklore to keep children from playing near dangerous water maybe or a truth handed down from generation to generation until they are so rare (or so clever) they are no longer seen.


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