>>  Friday, July 05, 2019

 We set off about 10am

The weather looked fine, so I started out just in a long sleeved t-shirt with a short sleeved one over the top.

The forecast for the summit was possible rain

There was a constant line of ants, many coming down already too.

Because of the 3 peaks challenge many climb at least one of the 3 peaks very early doors.
 But we just went slow and steady.

 It didn't feel like it took long to get to half way.   Although it felt a little strange, looking at a loch that looked like it should be at the bottom and it is in fact 1600 foot up.

Scouts sometimes carry a boat up here (in parts) assemble it and sail on this water.  There are frogs and newts in it.
 The views stayed good as we got higher but the path started to get more difficult.

We stopped for a sandwich ready for 'the last push'.  My walking partner has done this a lot of times, he's climbed every munro.  He said we stop and eat now and get coats on.  It's not going to be nice enough on the summit to want to eat up there.

And he was right, the hail started. Side ways in the face pain hail.  The snow fell and I left it too late to put proper gloves on, my hands were so cold I was struggling to do it and he had to pull them on for me!  My walking gloves are fab though within a minute of wearing them my hands were feeling good again and I could actually push my fingers into the finger holes properly!

 You wouldn't want to step off the path in the wrong direction.  Climbers come up this gully too - brave people!
And we were there, as were lots of others and we waited to have our picture taken!!!

We didn't stay there long, we set off to follow the line of ants back down again.
Which became more pleasant once we were out of the cloud and snow.
 I hate walking down hill.  I'm rubbish at it, my right knee hates it more than I do and on this sort of stone it's hard work.  I'm slow.  Lots and lots of people went past me but I plodded on.  I guess what you don't see is the people that are also my pace and there will also be lots of them plodding on too.
I slipped a couple of times, never at risk but enough to fall over twice, not dreadfully but down on my bottom and I think it was enough to jar my back.  24 hours later I had back pain I'd not experienced in years.

 I went up and I came down and that is a massive achievement, It took us 6 hours 15 minutes in total and it took me longer to come down than go up!!

I went straight in the shower without even sitting down first and then sat in the sun drying my hair at the foot of the highest mountain in the UK - 4,411 feet (1,345m)

I'm so proud of myself.  In 2011 I couldn't walk.  In the past 2 years I've climbed the 3 highest peaks in England, Wales and Scotland and run a half marathon.

 And I celebrated with (vegetarian) haggis

 and another walk (flatter but still about 3 miles, to loosen the muscles off apparently(!) I think I would have been happier just lying down)
I'm so grateful to my ever patient walking fellow who is prepared to put up with my nerves to see me through these challenges.

That'll do pig, that'll do.


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