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So after our day at Middleport, Conwy and Beddegelert we stayed in the Pen-y-Pass Youth Hostel. A whole new experience for me, I marked my bed as instructed to show it was 'taken'.  I was lucky to get one that was not a bunk partner.
 After a good breakfast we headed out.  As we hadn't been able to walk over the day before because of the weather it did at least mean I didn't have to carry my overnight clothes and wash kit  etc up with me, making for a much lighter load.
 We went up the Pyg track, you could see the Miners' path down below.
 It started off fairly easy on steep steps, but it climbs 2372 feet and it gradually got harder.
 But under the cloud the views were good.
 But 'path' petered out to picking our way through rocks and there were a lot of people around which meant sharing rocks.
 Finally I had to put my camera away, I had to concentrate on where I was putting my feet and we were headed into the cloud anyway.
 I was rather elated to get to the top, even if it was very busy up there...
 and the view was left entirely to the imagination.

There was a big cafe and a loo up top so a cup of tea was had.

 Coming down was much, much harder than going up.  And despite children hop and skipping down the rocks (lack of fear must fuel them!) past me I was constantly having to say to myself "no one else can walk you out of here, put your big girl pants on and get on with it!" 
 Slowly it got easier,  although I did not get faster and my blessed saint of a walking companion  filled his time skipping across rocks whilst I played catch up!
 As we walked down the rescue helicopter was up.
 And mountain rescue went up on foot too to help someone out on the Pyg path we had gone up on.
 There are large lakes in the mountains, the paths up to this part from Pen-y-Pass are easy for anyone so there were now people around in less mountain like clothes and it made for an interesting mix.
 It is all stunning though.
 The sun broke through, finally.
 For sheer scale, spot the very large rescue helicopter.
 I never got to see the mountain top despite having been on it, it stayed in the clouds the whole time.
 But I am massively proud of myself, I didn't go up an easy route.  It was hard work and I felt real fear at times.

My 'well done you' treat was a lot of chocolate, cream and marshmallows.

If my patient walking companion hadn't have taken me, there is no way I could have done this mountain top moment.  I am incredibly grateful and indebted to him.


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