Steall Gorge, Waterfall and Beyond

>>  Thursday, July 11, 2019

So when I woke up the next day my back was in a bit of a state but I thought that walking might help it provided it was a gentle amble.

I ditched most of the weight out of my backpack and we set off.

To be immediately faced with a danger of death sign, but there was a chance of seeing a golden eagle so I pressed on.

 The path was hard going and a scramble in places over the waterfall and stepping stones
 But the views were good.

 The sheer scale of this is hard to describe but can you see the very tiny people in the foreground?
We carried on a way past the waterfall
Oxford University Officer training Corps built a bridge which I was very grateful for given my track record of river crossing with out a bridge!

We stopped about where you see the path run out on here, had a sandwich and walked back again.
And then drove into Fort William, went to a tat shop to buy the obligatory "I climbed Ben Nevis" fridge magnet and badge

Ate an evening meal.  People are so friendly around here, a man on the table next to me offered me some haggis off his plate to be sure I got a proper taste of Scotland!

And then my back gave up completely (not haggis associated!)
It really was a hobble back to the hotel and I was on all fours trying to undress and crawl into bed.

The next days planned mountain really wasn't going to happen.

We needed a plan B.


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